Giacomo Cavalli, CNRS, France

Giacomo Cavalli

Giacomo Cavalli obtained his PhD at the ETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland, in 1994 and did his postdoc in Heidelberg, Germany, in the laboratory of Renato Paro in 1998. He discovered transgenerational inheritance of chromatin states in metazoans by working on Polycomb and Trithorax group proteins in Drosophila. His lab has shown that the 3D structure of chromosomes can be epigenetically heritable and that it contributes to genome regulation. They provided the first high-resolution description of the principles of genome folding in metazoans. Finally, they showed that PcG proteins regulate cell proliferation and have tumor suppression activity in flies.

Visit Giacomo Cavali's homepage: www.igh.cnrs.fr/EN/equipe-detail.php?id=8 and www.igh.cnrs.fr/equip/cavalli

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