Jonathan Weissman, University of California, San Francisco, USA
Jonathan Weissman

Jonathan Weissman is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and Professor of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco. He received his undergraduate physics degree from Harvard College. After obtaining a Ph.D. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he worked with Peter Kim, Dr. Weissman pursued postdoctoral fellowship training in Arthur Horwich's laboratory at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Weissman's numerous honors include the 2008 Raymond and Beverly Sackler International Prize in Biophysics, as well as election to the National Academy of Sciences and to the American Academy of Microbiology.

Dr. Weissman's laboratory focuses on understanding how cells ensure that proteins fold into their correct shape, as well as the role of protein misfolding in disease and normal physiology. In addition to his laboratory's exploration of protein quality control and homeostasis, his group also develops novel experimental and analytical approaches for exploring the organizational principles of biological systems. The Weissman Lab recently described a ribosome-profiling approach, based on deep sequencing of ribosome-protected mRNA fragments, that enables genome-wide investigation of protein translation with a speed, depth, and precision that rivals the best microarray experiments. Such technologies, in addition to the lab's experience in using genetic interaction maps to gain biological insights, make Dr. Weissman's group uniquely well suited to provide a general framework for obtaining a holistic understanding of complex biological systems.

Visit his website here: www.weissmanlab.ucsf.edu

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